about us

b. design is westbay boutiques in house brand, we are the meaning of a slow fashion house that started its roots on Vancouver's Northshore.
One could say it has been progressively incubating for over 25 years.
However there have been some incredible detours and wonderful dinner parties along the way.

The most notable adventure is the raising of a family, along with supporting the ongoing costume needs for our local film and television industry.

When the pandemic hit and we were all in full lockdown, this provided the perfect opportunity to push our passion project forward.

Upon finalizing our designs, it was time to source fabric and find a manufacturing facility. The upmost importance for b. design is the quality of the workmanship and a safe clean work environment. We deeply understand how working conditions affect the final product and our ability to regularly visit our manufacturing community in person.

WE are hoping that this process is just as important to our customers as it is to us.

We manufacture our garments in small batches. Our products are made with renewably sourced fabrics such as bamboo & lyocell blends that are certified OEKO-TEX.

We do not use any plastic in our products. We do not have any mini safety pins for our hang tags.

Please ask yourself how many safety pins, plastic hangtags and non-recyclable products accompanied the last garment you purchased?

We are not fast fashion. Our designs are timeless

b. design can be defined by our meticulous care and winding journey, from the time of conception to our pattern making, sample making, labeling, photo shoots, to our website and now to you, our customer.

Westbay boutique is a family-first business. We are committed to elevating our community of local artisans, and we will regularly showcase great works of art. We frequently update our roster of local and international artists, so we invite you to visit us often.