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handmade knitted brunch bag

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laundry guide

please read carefully

We strongly suggest:

Setting washing machine to delicate.

wash with like colours

wash lights with lights

wash darks with darks

wash colours with colours

Always wash red's with dark garments

This's what we mean when we say, wash with like colours.

Please do not wash heavy jeans, cargos or khakis with your delicate t-shirts, pyjamas or undergarments.

Do not over pack your laundry load and don’t use an excessive amount of laundry soap.

Try and avoid harsh/heavy scented chemical detergents, they too will destroy your clothes.

As for drying instructions…


Set dryer to delicate for no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

When still damp, hang garment for the remainder of drying time.

Over drying will limit the life time of any garment.

Kathleen Mulder is a wonderfully talented knitter. Kathleen has been knitting for decades and brings to the table ‘one of a kind’ hand knitted bags. These bags take many hours to construct and are made from a blend of 70% cotton 30% acrylic, lining is 100% cotton.

made in canada